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I'M NOT A RACIST, BUT I AM A COON - JOYNER LUCAS (post courtesy of JordanWitdaWiz from THECOLI)

Nah this not it, whole bunch of all lives matter Juelz circle talking about black people need to fix with in first and white people please accept our flaws let’s come together bullshyt.

Basically hit all the talking points that excite racist white people, Trump and Republicans hit on when they do rallies to distract their supporters from what’s really going on in the world. You got the tax reform bill to give tax breaks to rich while increasing taxes for the middle and lower class, the failure to replace Obama Care, failure to have a plan in place to build the “wall”,the crazy stuff that went down in Niger, Libya Slave Trade, North Korea’s Missiles so in order to deflect from the real issue facing America they pick on a easy target where the lower, middle and rich majority of America has mutual dissatisfaction with and that’s the black community hit on the easy talking points like:
1. Why y’all worried about police brutality when y’all kill each other all the time. What about black on b…

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