PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE: More Corporate Fuck'ry

"A lot of the things they predicted are real right now, we just can't afford them. Plus, the United States practices "planned obsolescence"...meaning: They hold back technology on purpose for consumers. The smart phones out now have to be "non technical nigga" friendly. The world is majority average to low intelligence. When you reach 90th percentile in a lot of areas, you understand why things are the way they are. More official looking toys on the way to play with."
I was inspired to write today by a friend of mine asking where our DOPE ASS FUTURE IS. Our future is in the hands of corporate entities who profit off of our desire to "one up" our neighbors. Unfortunately, according to the documentary I'm watching, we're beating the Joneses with an outdated switch.
What is planned obsolescence? According to the uploader: Stage 2 - Planned Obsolescence..
Obsolescence is the state of being which an object, service or practice is no longer wanted, even though it may still be in good working order.. (bar say one 'irreparable' defect.. exampled in this case, of the planned variety.
(Often compulsory for those entering into an established market.. i.e. permitted to remain in the fold.) Think about MADDEN and 2K...Nba Live. Even the game systems they're on. Many of the improvements we see today were possible 20 years ago, they just weren't as PROFITABLE. Think about that next time that new Iphone or Ps5 comes out. PS: They just shut down the PS2 servers a few days ago. RIP to that "groundbreaking" piece of technology, lol.


  1. Shortly followed by electronic waste landfills in poor countries.


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