It's been a while, hasn't it? Due to "the powers that be", I've had an involuntary break from facebook, my main social media outlet. I'm not going to tell you why I was banned. During said break, I did a little soul searching and a little more research on what dis/connects us (the slash serves a purpose, b) and I stumbled upon this little quote (won't be citing anything, subject is too inflammatory): Now we add something very new, fed by the internet and the megaphone of media: an ever-growing addiction to self-dramatization. The innate human urge to be admired and pitied, a brave victim in a dramatic situation, is running out of control." - Random Reddit guy 
When I read that, Texas high school Football Floodlights went off in my head (and those are some HUMONGOUS LIGHTS) and inspired me to start a discourse about it. Have we taken this addiction too far? People watch TV shows based on and influenced by online "Drama Artists". It also seems like musicians aren't interesting unless they're involved in said fuckery, and that saddens me. Everybody needs a "story" nowadays, a lot more of one than they did in the memorable past.
How many of these stories are MADE UP? When does it stop?
1.I'd say 50% of online drama stories are made up
2.It won't, this train takes NO BREAKS and has NO BRAKES.

PS: No, we can't have nice things. We never had any in the first place. Just the concept of "nice things". When you're exposed to a concept without having a full grasp on what defines it, you just don't know what it means. This can fit too many situations to name...and I'll be talking about a few of them in the future. I know the root of the problem.


  1. Most people is either selling or being sold a dream. Still I find some of the most interesting
    details in the lives of mundane.


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