Kendrick Lamar, what is "pro black"?

I'm a fan of Kendrick but I'm not going to make him out to be anything but a dope rapper who happens to preach.
He preaches to black people and occasionally throws in "respectability politics" message whilst simultaneously playing the victim to police, despite not ever going through "the shit", since he wasn't in the streets for real.
In this new liberal era, I suppose that is pro black. It's also anti-black in a way. His braggy-swaggy battle rappy shit negates most of what he says in the conscious songs. Everybody's dual sided...can't be dual sided when you're criticizing your own for a majority white audience, though. 

You're lookin funny in the light, fam. A great deal of these artists suffer from the "I've seen it from the porch" syndrome. The majority of them never hopped off of it to truly experience the pain and sadness of street struggle. Not even dabbling, just third hand indirect criticism...and glorification when it's convenient or time to party.
These rappers are "CLUB CRIPS" and "BLOCK BLOODS"...they'll rep a way of life and shit on it in the same sentence for credibility. Playing both sides of a situation is unhealthy, and our community laundry has been publicly dirtied ENOUGH.



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