#WEDEPRESSED (but not I, says the fox)

All these cries for help. I wish I could do something for y'all, being so sad all the time. When I was around folks I tried to distract them by telling them fucked up stories about my life. I took massive Ls and laughed about them later because it's funny to be alive after these things have taken place. Alive and damn near unscathed. Existential onus hurts a lot of people because they're not in danger, or they haven't had enough true trauma to put them in perspective. I'm not too keen on the "I'm just mentally ill, I'm defective"...naw, you just need an asswhooping, some adventure, and a few "risk it all" (even though you have nothing but your life on your back) moments to put you in another mental state. OR...you can remain stagnant, landlocked, and surrounded by a social circle that confirms your bias 24/7. It's a personal choice. I may be a broke ass nigga, formerly dirty ass nigga...but one thing I'm not is a crying ass nigga...I've lost too many close ones to cry about thoughts. People I used to wake up to, people I lived with, people I shed blood with. I appreciate the few people I have now because of that. Maybe it would help to go on an adventure and liberate yourself from comfort. Comfort kills your inner beast.


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