Authenticity and Music's 4th Wall.

Yeah, it's been a minute. I got unbanned from social media and slacked off on the content for a whole year...Had to live some life, gain a few new experiences, humble myself a little bit.
We BYKE (how Florida brehs say back) BIH!
I want to talk about why folks react so badly when the 4th wall of music is broken.
What is the 4th wall?
The fourth wall is a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience. While the audience can see through this "wall", the convention assumes, the actors act as if they cannot.
Hip hop, from inception, has been based on authenticity and creativity, due to its' street origins.
(Creativity and party rocking ability go hand in hand)
Hip hop, from (slightly after) inception has also been courted by corporate interests and people willing to go the extra mile to get plugged in.
Remember, the first verse on the first hit hip hop single was PLAGIARIZED from Grandmaster Caz.
If the general public knew Big Bank Hank didn't write his bars....would it still be magic?
Maybe not.
It seems like people attach too much personal sentimentality when it comes to "big ticket" artists
(Drake, Beyonce,  Nicki Minaj, Elvis...)
When their weaknesses are exposed, or when their greatness is shown to be a team effort, parts of their respective (combined) fan bases have nervous breakdowns, not unlike sports fans.
People couldn't accept fault in a person they inflated so much. They're casually invested in a personality, an archetype, a club. "If I listen to this, I'm this type of person, because I have this taste, so I can associate myself with this individual indirectly"...
As soon as something unflattering is exposed, like ghost writers, multiple writers, or plagiarized material, the fan base goes into panic mode and folks even throw their family members under the bus.
It's like the adult version of finding out wrestling isn't real.

PS: there will be more added to this post when I have more thoughts on the matter. You gon' get this WORK!


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