You'll just leave me behind after you solve your class mobility issue. Cultural shifts are solving another "issue"...which will lead to complaints about "lack of character"..."where are the real men"... Sleep in the bed you made with WANT. Wanting unfamiliar concepts...Fighting to be the prize. The prize of who? Who are we trying to look good for? Who are we trying to impress? What do we gain? Is this "situation" a zero sum game?

Some folk got the nerve to talk about their lil issues, still looking like the individuals on campus that would clutch their purses (with no money) and cross the street in fear...despite my outfit being more expensive than their flip flops, OSU sweater, and out-of-season shorts from GAP. 
I do not care about y'all fake fight with y'all dudes...keep it to yourselves. The election and stats showed that was a ploy to get signatures...to boost bread...to sell hats and "empowerment".
Now there are carbon copy versions with afros and AFROPUNK™ sponsorship. 
The "chastise niggas" business is booming. 
It's time for that to end.


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